AFI Inspired Dialog

October 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

AFI is my favourite band of all time. They always will be. Everyone else comes and goes, but they remain at the top.

Dialog can be a difficult thing to implement into a story. When faced with a dialog assignment in my university Creative Writing course, I looked to AFI lyrics for inspiration. And voila, the dialog spilled out.


Were you sent to save me?” he asked.

I came to help you find who you are. So I can help you fight the darkness.”

There’s no hope. I’m forever lost.”

Don’t listen to the radio; it’s only playing suicide,” she rolled her eyes.

But I remain alone. The darkness is inside. And the light is out.”

Then light a match,” she voiced, annoyed.

No… Despite what you say, it will never be alright.”

Then there is no hope. You’re just another pathetic soul,” she said with a look of disgust.

The words kept cutting me up. Their hatred is so alive.”


Cut, cut, cut…” he mumbled lost in misery.

If you’re too good for life and long for death, I won’t let suicide have the pleasure of gaining another soul. You’re mine.”

Oh, hello Miss Murder. Just in case, I wore my best, so I will look the best when I make the covers. I guess it’s your killing time again.”

Ha!” She laughed. Finally, his attention.

Can you tell me how it feels?”

It’s amazing how such a joyful thought of death has brought you out of your stupor.”

It is only that I’m bored with mortality. The ashes of each day lay before my eyes.”

Then your time has come.”

But can you tell me how it feels?”

How do you want it to feel? Shall it be slow… or quick?”

Surprise me.”

Fine,” she smirked.

But please…. At least kiss my eyes after you lay me to eternal sleep.”

Oh dear, such a romantic.”

Fine, then burn my corpse and leave.”

That will do.”

Thank you,” he stated, shaking her hand.

After, it’s done the stars can weep for you. And I will walk away.”

And as I decay, the cracks will begin to crawl through me and let in the light.”

And he closed his eyes for the last time.


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