Things I Am Thankful For (+ Happy Thanksgiving!)

November 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving, America! Today is the day to give thanks and appreciate everything you have in life.

I found some inspiration in a “Gratitude Photo Challenge” from Positively Present. Not only does it get me to think and appreciate what I have to be thankful for, but it also gives some inspiration to photograph things that I care about (eventually). In no particular order…

1. A loving and supportive family. This is something I may have taken for granted for most of my life. Not in an unappreciative way, but in a way that I wasn’t aware there was a family other than the supporting and loving kind.

2. The time I’ve spent with Havok. I have missed out on over half of my puppy’s life, but he is mine and he will be mine forever. I am grateful for our loved memories together, especially when he was the only thing that got me through a couple years of my life.

3. My long-distance friends and their patience. As soon as I left my friends behind from university, I lost touch – almost immediately. I have had an extremely hard time with staying in touch with people, so I appreciate anyone and everyone who has had the patience to wait for my responses and listen to me, even when I haven’t gotten back to them from a previous message. This has also taught me a valuable lesson to be patient when others are taking a while to respond to me.

4. Courage. I have the courage to conquer the world, dream big, travel to far off places and do it all alone. Being alone isn’t always the best option for mental health, but it is something that many people wouldn’t be able to do.

5. A roof over my head. The roofs haven’t been mine for a while, which has been challenging for me. I grew up independent, so going backwards and relying on the help from someone else has been something I’ve had to adjust to.

6. Awareness. I’ve become aware of the world around me and it gives me the freedom to ask questions and form my own opinions, instead of living blindly and relying on what the world tells me.

7. Consciousness. Becoming conscious of my decisions and choices and thoughts in life can be both a blessing and a curse. I have always been more conscious than most, standing to the side of the doors while everyone gets off the tube. And as everyone else rushed on in front of me without letting others off, it would make me angry and frustrated. Paying more attention to things like this can lead to these negative feelings, but I have also learned to practice patience and tolerance. It is not a life or death decision, and I have to face the fact that I can’t change everyone immediately, and instead I have to be the change I want to see in the world.

8. The opportunity to be raised in America. Traveling has made me realize how lucky I have always had it. My parents had the freedom to raise me differently, which gave me the tools to think differently and create a life that I want. America has given me the opportunity to have an education and grow as an independent woman. In America, I can sweat all over the place while lifting weights and throw myself on the floor… and no one questions it. I am equal the men in my life, and they are equal to me.

9. A big + loving heart. I may have a fear of intimacy and commitment when it comes to relationships, and sometimes I am horrible at friendships… But I love to listen to people and I love to help people. I love to try to make life better for others and I enjoy offering advice. When I care about someone, I give them my whole heart. It might take a while for people to see it, because of those fears that I have… and some might not ever see it. But when I’m not feeling stifled, my love is radiating from within me and shining on the people around me.

10. Being raised on frugality. My parents never had a mortgage or car payments. We bought second-hand clothes, used furniture. We went to garage sales, and my dad even explored the aisles of the dumpsters. Something to be ashamed of? No, I don’t think so! Why buy something brand new, when there is already so much stuff in the world? Paying rent instead of owning, eating roadkill. Yum, free meat! Deer, elk, big horn sheep and mountain lion. It has taught me to buy things only when needed and use things until they are completely useless.

More on this later…. 🙂

What are YOU thankful for? I want to know!


§ 2 Responses to Things I Am Thankful For (+ Happy Thanksgiving!)

  • joann burket says:

    All of the above!! Living in America is a joy. I have many things to be thankful for throughtout my life. Thanks for the opportunity to tell you this.

  • Thank you for sharing, Joann! I hope your day is filled with joy. I plan to expand on the things I have found appreciation for in the US, and I hope you’ll enjoy that in the near future! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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