In Between Holidays Sugar Detox

November 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Wintertime is a season filled with chocolates, pies (apple, pumpkin, mince), mulled wine, hot cocoa, apple cider, eggnog… What do all of these have in common? Sugar!

But the holidays are only a couple of days out of the entire three months: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. So why do we spend the entire season overindulging in things that we know aren’t good for us? Part of this probably has to do with the money-making industry. If we didn’t over-stuff ourselves then we wouldn’t be a good market for losing weight for bikini season. Doesn’t this vicious cycle ever make you wonder if it really has to be this way? Why should you have to eat a bunch of junk and be pulled into spending more money on that bikini body that you want for the summer season… that you had only just had a few months before!

Let’s go on a sugar detox. Who’s with me? I began at 11 am, GMT, November 26th. From now until Christmas, I will have no sugar*. Zero, zilch, none.

Not only am I giving up sugar, but I’m also giving up coffee. It’s been giving me headaches and making me feel lethargic. So without sugar, I have no desire to have coffee. Bleck! So far, so good. No headaches.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, all of the leftover pie should be out of your way. If you don’t have sugar-y things in the house, keep it that way. Stick to the fresh food aisles of the supermarket: fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. If (for some reason) you buy something in a package (such as sausages or bacon or coconut milk), check the ingredients! Sugar sneaks into almost everything, with a variety of different names. Be sure to avoid all of the treats when you’re at home! Save your sweet indulgences for when you’re out and food is more of a social event.

If you feel tempted, ask yourself if it is worth gaining weight over. Think of the long-term effects, too. Make your body last long. It’s the only one you’ve got!

So what does no sugar mean?


Plain Sugars: Beet Sugar | Brown Sugar | Caramel | Cane Sugar | Powdered Sugar | Raw Sugar | White Sugar

“Natural” Sugars: Agave Nectar | Coconut Nectar | Coconut Sugar | Date Sugar | (Evaporated) Cane Sugar | Golden Syrup | Grape Juice Concentrate | Fruit Juice | Honey | Maple Syrup | Molasses | Rice Malt (extract) | (Sweet) Sorghum | Treacle

… Syrups: Buttered Syrup | Carob Syrup | Corn Syrup | High Fructose Corn Syrup | Malt Syrup | Refiner’s Syrup | Rice Syrup | Sorghum Syrup

Science Sugar: Dextrin | Dextrose | Diatase | Disaccharide | Ethyl Maltol | Fructose | Glucose | Galactose | Lactose | Maltodextrin | Maltose | Monosaccharide | Polysaccharide | Ribose | Saccharose | Sucrose

Artificial Sweeteners: Alitame | Aspartame (Nutra-Sweet and Equal) | Acesulfame Potassium (k) | Cyclamate | Neohesperidine Dihydrochalcone | Neotame | (Sunette and Sweet One) | Saccharin (Sweet ‘n Low) | Stevia | Sucralose (Splenda) | SweetLeaf | Thaumatin | Truvia

Sugar Alcohol: Arabitol | Dulcitol | Erythritol | Galactitol | Glycol | Glycerol | Hydrogenated Starch Hydrosylate (HSH) | Iditol | Inositol | Isomalt | Lactitol | Maltitol | Mannitol | Methanol | Polyglycitol | Ribitol | Sorbitol | Threitol | Volemitol | Xylitol

*I am allowing cheats on days when special events are planned or special nights out, but being mindful about what I’m putting into my system to avoid a sugar crash. The cheat will have to be worth it. 


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