Your Life, Your Business: Workshop with Rasheed Ogunlaru

December 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I attended an event at the British Public Library: Your Life, Your Business – featuring Rasheed Ogunlaru. What an inspiration! Two hours spent with a small room full of motivated business people and an incredible coach. (Coaches seem to be the key in succeeding in life. I don’t think we give them enough credit).

I first met Rasheed at the Global Entrepreneurship Week a few weeks earlier. It was purely by chance that I came across his table, as I wandered around looking for inspiration. It was a slightly frustrating beginning, soon realizing I didn’t know what questions to ask. I had a very broad idea, but I didn’t have any clarity on what I was really wanting to do. Stumbling on Rasheed’s table, I spent about 30 minutes talking to him about my idea. Some dreams. He was my first step toward clarity. Clarity was the main thing I was missing. “You have enough courage, that’s for sure.” I imagine courage is one of the big things missing from peoples’ ideas. But here I was, on my own in London trying to make something work. A land unfamiliar to me with no guarantee of success.

We pinpointed two key points I needed to work on:
Clarity. I knew I wanted to be in the fitness business, but what was my mission?
Location. “No wonder you want open spaces surrounded by nature. It’s in your name.” Ah-ha! I had never considered my name being something to reflect who I am or what I want. It’s only a name after all, nothing behind it. But there may be more to names than I’d thought.

At the end he encouraged me to purchase his book: Soul Trader, and come to a workshop in a few weeks. I thumbed through the book but almost didn’t make the purchase. I was in the middle of The Fire-Starter Sessions – how many passion-focused business books did I need? But I saw that Rasheed’s book had a more linear approach to business… and it had a stronger focus on that – the business. The Fire-Starter Sessions had more focus on passion. So I made the purchase and welcomed my new travel companion into my life.

The first chapter went incredibly quick – Clarity. At last I had it! I knew what the big idea was… and boy, is it big. I got stuck with the second chapter – Customers. I’ve been stuck there for a couple of weeks, the book lying dormant near my bed.

That was the biggest help with the workshop this Wednesday. There was a big focus on things I had already read, but it helped me explore my goals again and reignite my fire. We addressed exercises in the book that I had done only half-way, which was a good kick in the butt to think about them more.

Rasheed encouraged us to think of three people in our life that we needed to have conversations with in order to help us move forward. So many of us forget to ask people for help; there are people all around us that can motivate us, mentor us, teach us… but we neglect the questions that could push us in the right direction. Who is already on your team? Are they the right people for you? Who’s standing at the sidelines who you can bring in?

Toward the end we exchanged questions with a partner. My partner, James (another professional photographer), asked me questions and I responded as if I was the customer to my own business. I thought it would be difficult to be in my customer’s shoes, but I soon realized that I am my own customer. I have the pain and problems of my future customers. I am my first product. What an incredible realization!

To conclude we set an action plan. Three things be would do to take our next steps forward. My main focus has to become location, so I set #1 at renting in London. From December 27th, I will be staying in the great city!

1. Rent in London
2. Email fitness programs for a project
3. Plan photos for London Paleo Kitchen

Of course, what would an event like this be without networking? I was excited to meet Alan Cox of Movement Lifestyle. A holistic health consultant, his business priorities sounded similar to mine. He also recommended a program at CHECK Institute in San Diego. From the sounds of it, it’s exactly what I’m looking for in terms of health qualifications – but it’s six more years of school. This is something else I will have to explore in the near future.

Life is looking good! Only a day after the workshop and I’ve researched places for rent. I am happier than I’ve been in a long time and surrounded by positive and inspirational people.

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