Be Reasonable + Eat Seasonal

There are a multitude of reasons to eat seasonal produce. If possible, seasonal and local. Support your local farmers and give your body the nutrients as nature intended.

Many info-graphics are out there to give you a visual of what to eat around the year, but my favourite can be found here and can even be purchased as aesthetically appealing posters! (*note: these are for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere)
For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, here is a seasonal produce chart for you… and it includes meat!

Purchase the fruit, vegetable or herb poster. Or… buy all three in a set! Make an investment in your kitchen and health.


If you are on a budget (and let’s be honest – many of us are), then there is a great UK-based info-graphic that you can download and print for free. Not only do they share information on what to eat around this time of year, but also on what to start growing. You can explore the Eat Seasonably calendar here.

The resources out there are endless, so if those don’t fit your aesthetic desire, something is bound to.
Do you like rainbows?
Do you prefer a simple linear table?
Live in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa or Washington? See how far your food travels before it gets to your state. Being from Colorado, I empathize your availability of local foods in the winter. I mean, if you want to keep local and seasonal, you’ll only be able to eat potatoes! So go ahead and purchase some traveling food, but be sure to do so with a heightened awareness.


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